Attorney General Jeff Sessions had no choice but to take reports from a private lab seriously about the cause of death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Scalia, who supposedly died of a heart attack while on a hunting trip, wasn’t autopsied when he died because at the time no foul play was suspected.

On the request of his family, the coroner removed a pint of his blood, a vile of spinal fluid and a syringe full of ocular fluid in case the family needed genetic material or wanted to have it tested. After it was revealed several months ago that the Obama administration covered up a suspicious intruder at the hunting resort Scalia where Scalia was staying, the family decided to have the material tested.

A private lab found a chemical derivative of foxglove and a nationwide manhunt for a killer began. Sessions, whose hands are tied without an official autopsy, asked a federal judge late last night to order the body of Antonin Scalia exhumed for the autopsy so there can be no speculation that an unofficial sample was tampered with.

While the exhumation is harsh and will certainly be tough on his family, it is necessary to tie his death to Obama and his assassin so this country can stop being led blindly by the media into some fake news “Russian scandal” and back to the reality that a shadow government of evil is operating inside our borders to destroy America.


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