We are all aware, that the Obama administration nearly demolished this country. During his presidency, former President Obama rarely contributed for the good of America. He did however, engage in countless of worthless activities, that he thought or at least hoped would benefit our nation. Which of course, didn’t.

Barack Obama was, and still is just another corrupted Democrat. According to our source Conservative Politicus, the host of Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Tucker Carlson recently revealed that Obama’s name is linked to yet another corruption scandal. He exposed how Obama’s administration has really been spending our taxpayer money.

Carlson explained what happened in one program which was started by the Obama administration. “Investigators say that getting bogus applications approved is ludicrously easy, and as many as 36 percents of all beneficiaries from the program should have been rejected,” he said.

The name of the project is “Lifetime,” which was started back in 1985. The program was originally meant to help families who were not able to buy their own family phone, receive one. However, once former President Obama gained control over it, the program was twisted and sharply deteriorated.

How? Thanks to him, people were able to take advantage of the program, allowing them to receive multiple free phones. All of those phones was payed off with our taxpayer dollars, costing us and this country millions of dollars in fraudulent charges.

Barack Obama has always claimed that the American people are his priority. As it turns out, the American people’s money, was his priority. Unlike President Trump, Obama never showed true patriotism. And unfortunately, like many similar occasions in the past, the law will overlook Obama’s actions. He will walk our streets free, unconcerned about the consequences of his decisions.