After a man was arrested for taking a 12-year-old girl to a local hotel and raping her twice, things would take an unexpected turn during the rapist’s trial. Shockingly, the jury would acquit him, and it was all because of the 5-word excuse he uttered to justify his atrocities.

According to the UK outlet Asian Image, 22-year-old Fahad Goheer was an active member of Periscope, a live video streaming app, and was pleased to learn that he had a “number one fan.” Unfortunately, the fact that she was just 12 years old didn’t stop the Muslim man from wanting to meet her in person.

In fact, his intentions became perfectly clear when he asked the young girl if she wanted to meet at the Ibis Budget Hotel in Bradford, England. For reasons unknown, the girl said yes and somehow managed to get there, where she was later raped by Goheer – twice.

When the girl’s family found out, the Muslim was swiftly arrested and placed in jail, where he remained until his trial. As one would imagine, Goheer had a different story about the events that occurred, first saying that he actually has “loads of super fans” from his Periscope popularity. The rapist then claimed that the 12-year-old girl told him she was a 19-year-old beautician and that she was the one that requested the hotel room.

However, when he saw how young she really was, it didn’t stop Goheer from bringing her inside. Realizing this could be a problem, the Muslim rapist then dished out his horrifying 5-word excuse that would eventually get him acquitted. Claiming that he wasn’t going to the hotel to have sex with the girl, he insisted that he simply just “wanted to get to know” her.

The Telegraph And Argus also report that when Goheer was asked if he threatened the girl, he simply responded by saying, “No, never. I’m not that sort of person.” However, he is the sort of person to rape a little girl twice despite knowing how young she was. In the end, though, Goheer simply argued that the rape actually never happened. In fact, the Muslim claimed that he quickly checked out of the hotel after they had chatted for a while and ended their time together with just a peck on the cheek.

Shockingly, the jury acquitted Goheer of all charges despite the claims made against him. Sadly, we’re seeing this more and more when it comes to Western society and members of the Islamic faith. For some reason, the left seems adamant on defending Muslims at all turns despite their ideologies being fundamentally incompatible with Western values and culture. Despite the fact that Islam stands against everything liberalism claims to defend, so-called “progressives” don’t mind sacrificing themselves for the often violent and barbaric minority.

Of course, my guess is that if this girl was the daughter of these jury members, they wouldn’t have been so quick to let this guy go in the name of political correctness. Sadly, the more this happens, the more Muslims will feel emboldened to continue carrying out such atrocities in the future as they simply think they can get away with it.

The left better come to terms with the dangers of Islam before it’s too late. There’s no getting around the uncivilized and outdated ideology that encourages the rape of non-believers, something that is not only justified but commanded by their “holy” texts and teachings. It’s a different story when the assault hits close to home – and that could soon be the case as the left continues to make excuses for the inexcusable.