As we know, this previous week at a congressional baseball practice congressman Steve Scalise was injured by a Bernie Sanders supporter.

While Scalise is still in recovery, he was pleasantly surprised by President Trump.

Scalise’s kids got a tour of the White House, by the President.

“They got the A tour,” the president made a joke. “You know, sometimes, we give the B, the C, the D and the F tour. Just like, ‘Here it is, let’s get out of here.’”

The president used the opportunity at the annual White House picnic Thursday, to honor Scalise and his family. Tramp said that the overflowing support that Scalise received is inspiring.

In the shooting two more Capitol police officers, congressional assistant and a lobbyist were injured as well.

The congressional baseball game continued as intended, and raised a huge amount of $1.5 million for charity.

President Trump stated he desired to be at the game “so badly you have no idea but I spent a little time at the hospital instead with Steve.”

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